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How to Plant Azaleas and Rhododendrons


The major planting requirement for these and other ericaceous plants is a porous, well drained, acidic soil with high, broken shade. The north or east exposure of any home is a suitable planting site as the plants need protection from hot, blistering sun,but they need some sun and light for good blooms.

A good sized planting hole should be dug and a bark or woods earth mixture incorporated into the soil. The root ball should be loosened so the roots can good into the surrounding soil. The plant should be planted in a raised mounds with the bottom of the ball at ground level and mulches with 3" to 4" of pine bark or other suitable organic mulch. Mulching will conserve moisture and will help keep the roots and soil cool.

Never cultivate with a hoe as the roots are shallow. Fertilize lightly in early Spring or Summer - never in late Fall. Water well the first season until the plant becomes established. These plants have a shallow root system and in extended hot and dry conditions may need additional water.

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